In order to give you the best possible results, we have created a number of packages to guide you into the appropriate number of sessions for your needs.

Acupuncture: $175 initial session/$125 follow-ups

New Client Acupuncture Special: Initial session including consultation (75 mins), plus one follow-up session (1 hour): $225

12 Session Acupuncture Package: $1200

24 Session Acupuncture Package: $2200

Hypnoacupuncture: $395 initial session/$295 follow-ups. Hypnoacupuncture is a powerful combination of hypnotherapy and acupuncture. You will receive the full benefits of an acupuncture session while being guided into a state that is conducive to promoting profound changes in your mind and health.

6 Session Hypnoacupuncture Package: $1600. This package is appropriate for weight loss, sleep issues, anxiety, anger issues, confidence and self-esteem issues.

4 Session Hypnoacupuncture Package: $1100. This package is appropriate for fears and phobias, anxiety around flying, smoking cessation, obsessive behaviors such as hair-pulling and nail-biting.

Hypnotherapy: $295 initial session/$225 follow-ups.

6 Session Hypnotherapy Package: $1200.

4 Session Hypnotherapy Package: $850