Why would you opt for Hypnoacupuncture?

In most cases, the combination of acupuncture and hypnosis will propel you forward into positive changes more quickly than either would alone.

Many issues such as insomnia, anxiety, and weight loss are best treated with a multidimensional approach. While the acupuncture treatment is initiating physiological changes, the hypnosis is shifting deep-seated beliefs and generating new neural pathways, which in turn creates new behaviors and thought patterns.

Combining acupuncture with hypnosis also brings the session to a much deeper level; acupuncture is incredibly relaxing, and this state of induced relaxation helps you to go into the hypnotic state more easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How does this work?
During the first session of Hypnoacupuncture, I will spend a great deal of time going over a health intake, followed by a hypnotherapy intake. After I formulate my treatment plan and point prescription, I insert the needles, and then hypnotize you with the needles in.

Is it harder to go into hypnosis when I have needles in?
On the contrary, the needles will generally help you to go into hypnosis more quickly. Hypnosis is deep relaxation; acupuncture is so calming, it helps you to reach those deep levels of relaxation more quickly.

Can this be used for children and teenagers? 
YES, and very often their response to this modality is nothing short of miraculous! I absolutely adore working with this clientele; watching them let go of their anxiety and become empowered and self-assured is the best feeling in the world. Starting them early is a fantastic way to give your kids the tools they need to become resilient and self-confident as they grow older.

What does Hypnoacupuncture treat?
Although the majority of my patients come in for anxiety, insomnia, depression, and weight loss, Hypnoacupuncture can be used to create changes in any patterns you are holding on to that do not serve you. This modality is particularly helpful for issues with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and negativity.

What do I wear to my session to my Hypnoacupuncture session?
I ask patients to wear comfortable clothing that gives me access to the knees, elbows, and is loose enough so that I can get to their backs. I always have drapes on hand if someone is not appropriately dressed, so be assured that your modesty will be respected here.

How will I be seated?
Similar to a acupuncture session, you'll be lying down on a table in one of my treatment rooms.

How long does a session last?
The session itself is approximately an hour. The initial session is longer, however, since it includes a health intake and a hypnotherapy intake.

How often do you recommend Hypnoacupuncture treatments?
It varies on a case by case basis, but for many issues my recommendation is 4-6 sessions.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out via the form on the bottom of the Book Now page and I will follow-up.

I found Marisa through a desperate Yelp search to lose a bunch of weight I had gained over a four year period due to work and a few back injuries. She had wonderful reviews and even offered a free phone consultation! When we spoke on the phone, I immediately felt a connection with her. She seemed to understand my concerns and goals, and I didn’t feel judged - something I have always been so concerned about when it came to my weight.

We scheduled an in-person meeting and I fell in love with her immediately. I felt I could trust her right away, which made me feel like I could be vulnerable about where I was at and some of the reasons I had gotten to the state I was in.

I have to say, I was somewhat skeptical – I had worked in the Finance industry for 12 years, and my life was all about inputting numbers and formulas into excel to get your desired outcome or result. When I finished my first session with Marisa, I have to say, I probably should have called an Uber to take me home. I had certainly been to an alternate universe, but in the most magical way possible. I could literally FEEL the chains of overeating and cravings breaking as I walked down the stairs and out of her office.

I don’t remember much of our session, or even the car ride home. I do remember feeling so exhausted for the rest of the afternoon and evening, but clearly something had shifted. Going out to eat became easier as my choices became more focused on nourishing my body instead of having an “oh, just this once” mindset. This “just this once” mindset was with me all day, every day, so it was no wonder things weren’t changing. Marisa helped this mentality shift and I am so grateful to her for this.
I even felt more excited about walking and moving my body. I still have trouble describing the freedom I felt. I had broken free from these chains of emotional eating and punishing my body by working out, instead of moving my body because I loved it and appreciated all it could do for me.

I came back from a trip to Disney, which was about three weeks after our first session, and I saw friends and family. They couldn’t believe the physical difference, but they were more in awe of how my confidence had grown and how much happier I seemed.

I am forever grateful for Marisa and her beautiful gift. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being such an amazing person.
— Client chose to remain anonymous

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