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Tarot Acu Wine Event

What better way to kick off the new year than with a day of relaxation, a reading to give you insights from the mystical realm, and a glass of delicious organic wine?

Tarot cards can be a powerful tool for guidance and information in all aspects of your life. Years ago, I would often host Tarot parties in my office, after my patients were finished for the day. Often, patients would stick around to participate. Time and again, I heard the same feedback from both practitioners and attendees: the readers would exclaim over how quickly and easily the information would come through, and the participants would tell me that they had never had such a powerful and clear reading before.

Acupuncture induces balance, calm, and mental clarity. It opens you up, and primes you for a deeper experience in any type of work that is done immediately after. Realizing this, I began to incorporate acupuncture into these Tarot events, and people LOVED it.

This will be a fantastic way to head into 2019 primed with enlightenment for the year ahead.

I vet all of my readers carefully and I was particularly impressed with Gosia. Her reading for me was spot-on, but what I really loved about her is her desire to empower and educate you with every card. She doesn’t leave you wondering; if you don’t understand the meaning, she will keep digging with you until you find it. As a result, my reading was one of the most clear and informative sessions I’ve ever experienced. I’m sure you will all love her as much as I did!