Reasons To Come To My Place Tonight

Okay, some things are great at any time of day, and acupuncture is one of these things. But I have to say, I'm biased. As a night-owl, I find that there are few things in life more satisfying than a good needling session right before bed. Part of this is my vampire-like aversion to morning light, but I've also found that there are definite perks to setting up a session past five PM at my office: 1. Hellllooo, blissful sleep...where have you been all my life?  I'm a good sleeper. Sometimes I'm a really good sleeper. However, the quality of sleep that you get after a good needling session is unparalleled. Seriously. You are out. You know how sometimes, you go to an appointment and are so overwhelmed with your day that you forget you've been there? This happens to me frequently. At least five times in my life, I've gotten an acupuncture treatment, went on with my day, and then fell asleep so quickly that night that I couldn't remember going to sleep. This inevitably led to me waking up perfectly rested, but confused: did I accidentally take some sort of sleeping aid? Did one of my cats slip me a Xanax? Nope. I just didn't expect to fall asleep within 5 minutes of my head hitting the pillow.  You'll get a fantastic night's sleep regardless of what time your appointment was, but it is the best feeling to know that the intense relaxation your session promotes doesn't have to get interrupted by the stresses of the day. Needles, serenity, and then bed is the perfect order!

2. Speaking of bedtime, how divine is it to go somewhere and dress for bed?  I'll tell you, it's pretty amazing. Patients feel completely comfortable coming here in their jammies, and I love it. I love that people are so comfortable here!  It's my dream to go to a place of business in my snuggly jammies and not get strange looks. Live the dream, everyone...join the nightwear revolution!

3. Finishing off your day with a burst of endorphins and feel-good chemicals is the best possible way to end it. All of that crap that builds up throughout the course of the day just melts away almost as soon as my work begins. And, you don't have to do anything after your appointment other than float home and go to bed. So, there's no need to jump back into the real world once the session is over; you can savor it for a while.

4. Are you a dreamer? If you're one to enjoy your vivid, funky dreams, acupuncture before bed can promote some good ones! I've also found that I get a certain sense of clarity from acupuncture that lingers into my nighttime state of being. Very often, if I have a problem to solve, or a question that needs an answer, I will find exactly what I need when I awaken from an acupuncture-induced sleep. Sounds weird, I know...but if the mind is clear, there is more room to fill it with what it is asking for!

5. And the best reason to see me for a night appointment...I get way more fun as the day goes on. As I've mentioned, I'm not a morning person. I come alive at night, and the energy of the office reflects that. There's always lots of laughter and camaraderie in this office once the sun goes down!