Manifesting What You Want With Hypnosis

An image popped into my head recently during a hypnosis session, as it often does.

The session was around waiting with confidence for the right things to unfold at the right time. At its core, it was about manifestation. How do we call in what we desire? We visualize a clear outcome, do all the work that is within our power, and then envision the end result as if it was already ours. Easy enough to say, but how often do we find ourselves sabotaging this process with self-defeating thoughts and doubts?

As I performed the session, I had an image of standing in line at Starbucks, ordering a coffee.

This simple image began to expand and evolve into a message…

If we could ask the Universe for our desires the same way we order coffee, we'd be all set.

You go into Starbucks with your money. Handing over the money represents the energy we put into getting what we want-this is the work. Then you ask for what you want: your latte. There is no doubt or worry; you KNOW it is coming.

There is no: "I’m asking for a latte BUT WHAT IF THEY DECIDE NOT TO GIVE ME ONE??"

There is no: "What if they don't think I'm worthy of a latte, and give my latte to someone else instead?"

There is no: "There is a long line, so I will need to wait. What if the wait never ends and I just never get my latte?"

And there is no: "I'm going to invest my entire heart, soul, and being into getting this latte. If it doesn't come within 10 minutes, it's just another example of how I am not meant for this world."

You ask for your latte, you expect to get a latte, you receive a latte. There's no emotional investment aside from pure faith and trust: YES, I gave you my money so I KNOW that latte will be inside of me very soon.

You can't just walk into Starbucks with no money and get a latte, just like you can't sit there helplessly, putting zero effort into getting what you want, and expecting it to fall into your lap. It doesn't work that way.

You can't walk into Starbucks and ask for a cappuccino when you really want a latte. Then you’re not going to get your latte, you’ll get something that you don’t want instead.

Work, intention, clarity, and certainty. This is what manifests success.

The next time you REALLY want something, think about what you are doing to get it, how clear you are being in your intentions, and how you are emotionally connected to the outcome.