The Vague and All-Encompassing Use of Healing

What is “healing”?

We hear the term all the time. As an acupuncturist in Sudbury, I work in a world of healers, am surrounded by them, and they range from massage therapists to psychics to psychotherapists. They are all so different, yet still fall under the same category.

Yes, we all heal. But what does this even mean?

I believe that language is important. I believe that specificity in words leads to specificity in action. Thoughts become words, words become action, action leads to creation. If we aren’t clear with our words, our creations will be messy, as well.

It’s interesting how resistant “healers” can be to refine their terminology. I worked with one last year.

“What do you do?”

“I’m a healer.”

“Can you explain exactly what you do?”

“I use energy to help the body heal.”

“How do you use the energy? Like, are you touching people? Are you using tools? What exactly are you healing within your client? Are you creating physical changes? Will they feel calm or energized after? How long do the results last?”

She didn’t like my line of questioning. I wasn’t being rude, I was honestly curious.

“I can’t explain what I’m doing, it just happens,” she huffed. “And everyone is different, so everyone responds differently.”

I understand that energy work can be subtle and enigmatic, but I think we can do better. We need to be clear, with our thoughts and intentions.

After treating thousands of patients for almost 10 years, I now have enough experience to accurately set up expectations with my clients. I know how many sessions it typically takes to reach a certain outcome. Of course, there will always be outliers, but for the most part I can meet those expectations I set. I understand that when you are suffering, you come here with a single question in mind: “Can this help me feel less pain/be less anxious/sleep/whatever?” You want a clear answer. You don’t want me to suck you into a dissertation about the mechanics of this medicine, in vague language that really says nothing at all.

The best “healers” that I have worked with and incorporated into my practice have been those who have been specific and clear about what they do and what you can expect to experience throughout the process. These are the people I gravitate toward, and these are the people who are making my space and practice reach a higher level.