Soul Reading Salon

I am so lucky to be able to shape my business according to my passions.

I’ve always been fascinated with the soul, the spirit, the more mystical side of life. I’m open, yet skeptical. I believe in the possibility of anything and everything, but if you are going to make claims, you’re going to need to back them up if you expect me to buy in. I’m open, but I’ve seen a LOT…so it’s hard to impress me.

This is how my Holistic Popups got started. I wanted a way to introduce all sorts of talented holistic practitioners to the public after testing them out for myself. I will only represent the ones that blow my mind, and one of these has long been Lisa Campion.

Lisa has given me strikingly accurate readings for the past few years. What is love about her is that she is practical. She is SO grounded and down to earth…getting a reading from her feels like a cross between having a therapy session and a journey to the beyond. I highly recommend her.

And who better to do an event at my space than someone I’ve been raving about for years?

We created an amazing event. There was cheese, wine, and the perfect mix of people. The wonderful thing was that every question that was asked seemed to be significant for others along with the person who asked. People were invested in the information that was flowing through spirit, and no one left disappointed. It was beautiful.

At one point, a participant whispered to me that she wasn’t feeling well and was experiencing nausea. Nothing kills a party like a pile of vomit, so I began to worry about finding her an escape route. Before I could, Lisa randomly asked her to come to the front of the room. She had her relax in a chair and performed some energy healing on her. Within a minute or two, the nauseous participant had gotten her color back and looked a million times better. By the time she returned to the seat near me, she was whispering about how all the nausea had completely vanished.

The energy of this event was so high, it left an imprint in the space afterward. Even while cleaning up, I could feel the remnants of light, positivity, and enthusiasm left behind by all who had come to experience this event. THIS is why I love hosting these events , and I can’t wait to dive into the next one!