Spending Wisely

The energy that we possess is our most valuable asset, so it needs to be guarded and doled out wisely. We wake up every morning filled with this energy; imagine waking up every day with a wallet full of cash. As we move through our days, there are certain things that we HAVE to use this cash for, such as food. When we use our money for necessities, it doesn't hurt or feel like a loss; it's simply us using our money for our needs. When we use our energy on our regularly scheduled life activities, it's akin to spending that energetic cash on food, gas, etc.

When we walk by a store and decide to buy something that we want, something that makes us happy, it feels good. It makes us feel like we're getting our money's worth. Likewise, when we use our energy on things that feel good to us: having fun, expressing love, doing things that empower us, we're getting good value for this energetic cash. It's a wise spend.

Throughout the course of the day, there are tons of ways to waste this energetic cash and throw it away haphazardly. Examples: worrying about things that we can't change, ruminating over the past, obsessing over mistakes, getting pissed off over small things. Every time we stew in negativity, spend time marinating in fear of failure, or do things that fall outside of our boundaries, we're leaking this energy all over the place. We might as well be opening our wallets on a windy day and letting fate take its course.

And this is why so many of us face burnout and exhaustion. We have emptied our energetic wallets on things that we don't value, and now our pockets are empty and we have nothing to show for it.

This week I'm going to follow my own words of advice and ask myself every day: How can I spend my energetic cash wisely? What am I allowing to drain me unnecessarily? Which people are picking my pockets? And conversely, what am I spending my energetic cash on that feels good, what are the things that I value so much, I'm happy to spend my energy on them?