The Karma Doctor

This isn't business related, but it's totally weird. Lovers of the psychic woo stuff will dig this.

Since I'm always looking for new talent for my holistic popups, and I also love this stuff, I've been seeing a lot of healers lately. Over the past few months, I've had six sessions of psychic/energy/karmic work. And the one theme that has blazed brightly through every reading has been an imbalance between my personal and business life, and a resistance to love due to fear of vulnerability.

My business life is on fire. My love life? I've got nothing going on. Over the past year, I have had zero desire to meet anyone. And I've been absolutely fine with that. I'm not bitter, scared, or resentful...I just feel like a switch has been flipped off.

My readings with a past life psychic and an Akashic reader both brought up trauma, but on different levels. One was focused on horrific past lives I've had where I watched my soul mate get tortured to death in front of me, or saw my husband/wife die violently. The Akashic reading was more about experiences I've had in my current life that trained me to wall up and not let people in, and to be comfortable in the safety of emotional distance and solitude. (There's way more to both of these readings but this is a quick summary.)

Two weeks ago, I decided to try this guy called the Karma Doctor. He sees auras and can read everything that is going on within you, physically, mentally, emotionally, and on a soul level. He claims to literally "fix" your karma by reprogramming your brain after he reads your aura to see where and why you are screwed up.

He had me lie down and he scanned my body with his eyes. His reading was incredibly descriptive and accurate. And he reiterated the same themes that I've heard before: the lack of vulnerability, being closed-off to deep emotional connection, being powerful in my business because all of my energy is being funneled in that direction, focused on continuing an upward trajectory, and constantly one-upping myself.

One concept/word that he kept repeating was the word "significance/importance." He explained that my relationship energy was stuck and walled off because it is embedded in my karma to believe that I do not matter to people, that I hold little significance or importance in people's lives, and therefore I will feel less pain if I stay out of deeper relationships. The fear of getting very close and open with someone and then realizing that I am not that significant or important is a major block. Conversely, that same fear has helped me in my professional life, because I've used it to go out of my way to become more visible and noticeable.

After he told me all this, he was like, "So now I'm gonna fix it."

"Fix it?" I asked, skeptically. "How?"

"I'm the Karma Doctor, that's what I do," he answered.

He did this weird tapping/slapping thing on my head while chanting, and that was that.

"Am I supposed to feel anything after this?" he asked.

"You'll notice a change within the next few months. Your aura already looks totally different. I think you'll respond quickly. Just pay attention, you'll start to notice things."

So I left and chalked it up to yet another bizarre experience that may or may not go into the book I'm writing.

Then, today, I woke up and went to my fridge to get some water, and this is what I found...

I live alone.

Granted, I do have a cleaning person (that I've never met) who was here yesterday, but how weird is this?