It's All About Balance

This morning is rough.

Last night was DECADENT. My friends and I went to a steakhouse and consumed meat and wine, followed by martinis. Part two of our adventure was a cigar bar with hefty pours of scotch. This is something that is a VERY rare occurrence, and I feel smoky and disgusting today, but we had a fantastic time.

These friends have known me since my waitressing days, so they've seen the trajectory of my business. At one point, as we were sipping away, one friend began to talk about how cool it has been to witness the progression of Healing Point Therapeutics.

"I remember your first space, that one room, and you would go behind that divider with each patient and pretend you weren't there," he laughed. "And now you've got all these rooms, this great space. Your business really has changed."

Then he said something that really stuck with me.

"You know the best part of the way you run your business, though? THIS. Look at us. Here we are, we're out on a Sunday night, having a good time, drinking, living life. You weren't like, 'No, I can't go out, it's a Sunday, I have work tomorrow.' You still live. You built a business that allows you to live. You go out, you take vacations, you enjoy your life."

"Well, isn't that the whole point...of EVERYTHING?" I asked. "What's the point of making money and making your own schedule if you don't use what you've built to spend time with your friends, have fun, and be happy?"

"True, but not everyone can do that," he answered. "You have. It's so great."

Lately I have been thinking that my sole focus has been work, on all the creative projects I've got brewing, and I'm out of balance. And make no mistake: I LOVE it. Work energizes me. But I make my schedule, and there is no excuse not to slow down and take a breath, drive to Connecticut to visit my gorgeous little niece, or go outside and take advantage of my favorite time of year. This was a good reminder that I'm not totally screwing it up.

But I'm still a work in progress. We all are.

What can YOU do today to bring out your inner hedonistic child, and have a little fun that is free of responsibility?