You are so incredibly powerful. Why do you keep forgetting that? Each and every one of us has unlimited potential for...well, really anything. At any given moment, we can completely change the course of our lives. At any given moment, we can choose to heal, or we can choose to get sicker. We are creatures that are built to soar, and to create. Why do we keep forgetting that?

Think of all the intricate connections that lie behind your basic, boring, run of the mill wall. It's just a blank white wall. Yet, within the framework of that wall is an entire system that allows the magic of electricity to light up your life. That circuitry gives you access to light, to music, to warmth. So much potential...but what if the switch to get that electricity flowing was missing? If that switch never gets flipped, the potential never gets tapped into.

Hypnoacupuncture is that switch.

Acupuncture is the perfect pairing of magic and science. We know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that chemical changes take place within our bodies once those needles go in. It's measurable. Even the most skeptical soul cannot refuse that physical, testable changes take place with this modality. As someone who has treated thousands of patients, I cannot deny the magic that also exists within this medicine. I have seen so many miraculous things that I can't explain, that I am now used to having my mind BLOWN on a regular basis.

Every single cell of our bodies strives to heal, grow, and stay in a state of balance. This is the natural order of things. The choices we make either block our cells from doing their jobs, or they catalyze them into speeding up this process. Every time we choose good food, move our bodies, remove a little stress from our lives, think a happy thought, get a good night's sleep, we are basically giving our cells a pat on the head and telling them that they're doing a good job, could they work just a little harder? And they respond accordingly.

When acupuncture needles are placed into the body, these healing mechanisms are shifted into a higher gear. The body receives the message to ease pain, send fresh blood and cells into the injured area, and to flood the system with endorphins. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are regulated, and we get change on every level: mental, physical, and emotional. It's all good.

So what do we get when we add hypnosis into the mix?

We reach a level of change that goes beyond all of these states. Remember that blank wall I mentioned previously? Once hypnotherapy is incorporated into the session, it's as if I have added a switch to your wall, giving you the ability to tap into your full potential. In this state, virtually anything is possible.

People often ask me what can be treated with hypnoacupuncture. I feel like it's difficult to think of something that can't be treated with it. Anxiety, depression, insomnia...these are my faves. I love treating these issues, but I have treated fears and phobias, heartbreak, obsessions, inability to focus, difficulty with studying and retaining information, procrastination...even warts! Yes, oddly enough, I have treated warts with hypnoacupuncture and they just sort of melted away after the session, never to return. If you can think of something that you want to change, the odds are that it can be treated with hypnoacupuncture.

I love this stuff. Love it, love it, love it. I never imagined that I would see so many people's lives changed through this modality, and I am so grateful to be able to share this with the world.