This Stuff Really Works

It goes without saying that I completely believe in Chinese medicine, and know without a doubt how effective it is. But I just love those days when I get to experience the magic for myself, all over again. So, please don't judge me, but last week I decided to enjoy a few beers on my day off. On Tuesday. At noon. Hey, I can't help that Tuesdays are my Saturdays!

Unfortunately, I sometimes forget that I am old, and I can't handle day-drinking as I once did. By 3:00, I had a mild headache and needed a nap, which I took. By 5:00, I was awake with a full-blown migraine. The pain was so bad that I was dry-heaving. I had an acupuncture appointment at 6:00, and I almost decided to just pay for the missed session and cancel; I felt that sick. I'm always confused when patients call to cancel their sessions because they aren't feeling well-isn't that the point of coming to see me? But at that moment, head throbbing, stomach churning, I totally understood. Leaving the house when you are in that much pain is sometimes just too hard.

My acupuncturist is only about 10 minutes from my house, so I decided to push through the headache and force myself to go. I'm sure I was a lovely shade of green when I entered her office; we usually chat before my session but I cut her off and explained that I had a migraine and felt too nauseous to talk. She quickly got me on the table and started needling. As I lay there, the intense pain in my forehead and temples began to move toward the back of my head. Lying still was difficult, but I hoped that soon I would get some relief and the appointment would be worth it.

Within no more than three minutes of the needles being inserted, my stomach had settled completely; I hadn't the slightest trace of nausea. Great. My head was still pounding, though, although the intensity had settled somewhat. I tried to distract myself by bargaining with the Universe that I would never have another Jack's Abby Framinghammer Graham Cracker Porter again in my life, if only the pain would end.

After about five minutes, the pain had melted into a dull ache that I felt in various places all over my head. I know how well acupuncture works for headaches and migraines, but I had never appreciated how FAST it could work. I had never seen my acupuncturist when I had a headache, and had no idea. It was almost disconcerting how quickly the pain disappeared. Within 10-15 minutes, I had drifted off into that dreamy "acu-stoned"state where you can't feel any part of your body and you don't care about anything. Pain level: 0.

I love that I've been doing this so long and I can still be blown away by this medicine!