Friday the 13th (Repost)

I admit it, I am paraskevidekatriaphobic. Like many superstitious souls, I dread when Friday the 13th rolls around. And no, I don't think that there is some evil curse placed on this day, or that the day itself has any particular significance. It's the fear around it that I fear more than the actual day! There are a number of origins of this fear of the 13th. In numerology, the number 12 has always been considered a "perfect" number. That being the case, 13 would be considered imperfect, and therefore a "bad" number. There is also a theory that the bad rap of this day goes back to a Norse legend. This legend states that the god Odin invited 11 of his friends to a dinner party, but Loki (the god of evil and turmoil) showed up as the 13th guest. You may notice that this legend is very similar to the story of the Last Supper, with Judas being the 13th guest. And the ancient Romans had a belief that witches gathered in groups of 12, and the 13th attendant was always the Devil.

I don't think that any of these ancient legends have anything to do with why things tend to go wrong on this day. No, what I believe is that I ruin every Friday the 13th, all on my own. Why? Because from the moment I wake up, I begin thinking, "Crap, today is Friday the 13th." I hesitate to do anything very productive, because what if this day is actually jinxed? It probably isn't, but what if it is? I leave my house and at least two or three people will start a conversation about the date. By the time noon has rolled around, I will have spent a good portion of my day mentally preparing for the worst, at least on some level. All of that negativity starts to build, and eventually something will go wrong. It will be something minor, but as soon as it happens, I will think, "Of course xyz went wrong, it's Friday the 13th-what did I expect?" This will begin an escalating cycle of negativity and fear of what else might go wrong. And in the end? The day will be filled with problems of my own creation, issues that will crop up due to all that negative energy I've attracted.

That's what I fear on this day the most: myself!