More About Moxa

If you've been to my office, you've probably noticed a fluffy yellowish substance that looks and smells suspiciously like marijuana. This magical stuff is called moxa (official name: mugwort) and I'm convinced that it can cure anything. Ok, maybe not everything, but damned close to it. We acupuncturists see issues of pain, tension, stiffness, and many other forms of dysfunction as blood and energy getting "stuck" within the body. Get things unstuck, blood and energy flow smoothly, and healing begins. Moxa's true strength lies in its moving quality. It can powerfully move the blood, reducing pain, speeding healing, and loosening things up.

I sometimes forget just how effective moxa can be, until I use it on something that I can actually see, such as a bruise or an area of swelling. I saw a patient this week with a severely bruised and swollen wrist. Over the course of her session, I used tiny threads of moxa all over her wrist; by the end of the one-hour session the bruise was noticeably lighter, and the swelling had gone down significantly. The next day, the bruise was so faint that it was barely visible, and the swelling was gone completely! It was incredible.