One Unlucky Troll

When I was perhaps five or six, my mother and I were shopping at a local bargain store called Railroad Savage (my West Haven friends will remember it well). As we were leaving, I begged my mother to let me invest 25 cents on a troll doll impaled on a pencil. If you are heading into your 40s, as I am, you probably recall collecting these ugly little things. They were right up there in popularity with Garbage Pail Kids and jelly bracelets. Once we arrived home, we received the news that my father had gotten laid off. Right after this, a number of other unfortunate circumstances began to manifest: we were in a minor but somewhat traumatizing car accident; our dog became sick; and out of nowhere, a mirror in my bedroom just seemed to explode, showering glass everywhere. For a superstitious little kid, this last seemed to be an omen that there was even worse in my future, and for seven years to be exact.

With all of these incidences clustered so close together, I began to wonder if there was some sort of link to my newly purchased, hideous doll. Indeed, the thing looked like something inspired by nightmares, and the longer I gazed at it, the more creeped out I became. Over the next few days, the bad luck continued. Even from the distant, mature lens of adulthood, I have to admit that there was a definite pattern of overall negativity that seemed to entrench itself within my life, and the life of my family, immediately following the purchase of this doll. Coincidence? Surely. But in my little kid mind, this thing had started a cycle of bad luck and needed to be stopped. So I hid it away and tried to forget about it. And I did, for a while...but little kids aren't that great at finding good hiding spaces, so inevitably it turned up one day. And, of course, once I stumbled upon it, it turned out to be a horrible week. This damned troll doll began to prey on my mind so much, I actually began to dream about it. I finally ended up throwing it out of the car window while out on a day trip with my mom, and even then, I lived in fear for a while. I was sure that I was going to wake up and find it on my pillow, just like in a horror movie.

I don't truly believe that haunted dolls exist, or that certain objects can fill your life with bad luck. However, I do think that we can infuse particular energies into the animate and inanimate. Sometimes this can be positive; think about all those good luck charms that people swear by. Happy thoughts can create a self-fulfilling prophecy when it comes to these "lucky" items. On the other side of the coin, however, who hasn't had a certain song, or item, or place, bring back bad memories? As time goes on, that negativity becomes inextricably intertwined with whatever it is that prompted that negative memory.

This is why I think it's important to fill your life with things that have a positive connotation, and to dump those things that you've put negative energy into. Life feels SO much lighter when your surroundings aren't filled with old, heavy, dark crap. Let it go! I'm not saying that you need to immediately throw everything away, but if there is something in your house that brings you down, at least hide it away. And as for those objects that bring you joy, well, show them off. Put them somewhere where they can suffuse your environment with the glow of happy memories. It's good for the soul.