Saying Yes, And Serendipity

A few weeks ago, I attended a two-day training class for a very interesting type of energy work that is similar to Reiki.  As we sat around and discussed our experiences after day one,  the topic of coincidence and serendipity came up.  One thing led to the next, and I ended up reminiscing about a very strange encounter I had with an old man before I moved here to Massachusetts.  (If you're interested in the full story you can read it here.)  Basically, I was torn between moving here and moving to California, and I needed some guidance.  A random conversation with an old man at a bar gave me my answer, and I still think back on that night with gratitude and an inner certainty that some sort of magic was involved. As our conversation continued, we began to ask ourselves why, if the answers we crave are right in front of us, it is so damned hard for so many people to find them.  I get signs ALL THE TIME.  I'm continuously finding the answers I need to find, connecting with people I was destined to meet, stumbling into random encounters for a reason.  Remember the Magic 8-ball?  Well, that used to be my best friend.  That thing never failed me.

As I wondered aloud as to why some people get what they need just by asking for it, and others are seemingly unable to, someone brought up a great point.  A strange old man had come up to me in a bar, and made a suggestion.  Most people would have immediately put their guard up, assumed he was crazy, and walked away.  Their initial, automatic response would have been a huge "no."  No, I do not accept this information.  No, this is not within my comfort zone, so I reject it.  No, I refuse to open myself to the idea that this situation could be beneficial to me.  No.  No.  No.

I'm a yes person.  Want me to try something new?  Bring it on.  Introduce me to someone I've never met, and I'm happy to get to know them. Nothing makes me more excited than driving to an unknown destination for the first time, or experiencing something I've yet to try.  The other day I went out to a restaurant and ordered the strangest-sounding things on the menu.  One of my friends noted that I will always go for the weirdest thing, be it food, beverages, or people.  I laughed, but I got it: the more unfamiliar something is, the more I am drawn to it.  There is no such thing as an automatic "no" in my world, unless it pertains to something illegal or immoral.

And I truly believe that this distinction, between those who are automatic "no" people and those who are not, determines who gets to enjoy the benefits of serendipity.  I know a lot of people who lament that nothing good ever happens to them, or that some people naturally have better luck than others. Most of these people are those who are suspicious of good fortune.  If you keep shutting the door, eventually that visitor is going to stay away-I am convinced that this is what holds people back from getting what they desire.  Messages come to us all the time.  You might believe that they come from a divine source, or perhaps you are convinced that they are from your own subconscious.  Either way, it doesn't matter; only one thing matters.  Are you listening?  Or have you shut these messages down with an automatic "no" response?