See It, Then Be It

I cannot stress enough how little you have tapped into your potential this far. It doesn't matter if you are completely unhappy with where you are at the present moment, or if you are living your dream life: either way, the only thing that limits what how much further you can go, who you can become, is your own self-doubt. Every waking moment, we choose to either grow closer to or further from what we truly want. And it all begins with visualization and language. Since birth, we are trained to see ourselves a certain way. We are shaped by the visualizations and language of others when we are too young to have full control over our self-definitions. I'm the oldest child, and I fall into many of the categories that we create for firstborns: I'm independent, stubborn, and good in crisis situations. Although I'm certainly not the motherly type, I find myself playing the role of caretaker very often in my life. So the question is: have I taken on all these traits because they just come with the package of being the oldest, or have I molded myself to these stereotypes due to all the expectations that this would become my reality? I don't know for sure, but I highly suspect that the latter is true.

Or here's another example: since birth, I have been the world's worst procrastinator (and when I say “since birth” I mean it literally... I was supposed to be a September baby and was born November 1...sorry, Mom!) I have always gotten a charge out of finishing things at the very last possible second. I know it sounds silly, but it's so much more rewarding to get that burst of adrenaline when you are down to the wire, getting your crap done right before the finish line. It is truly a rush, and all of my fellow procrastinators get what I mean.

After a year or so of doing hypnoacupuncture, I started to notice that a LOT of patients were coming to see me to rid themselves of their procrastination issues. And I started to this something that I should be dealing with? I had always thought of procrastination as something that was an integral part of my nature, like my brown eyes and left-handedness. But seeing all these people coming in, wanting change SO badly, make me reconsider my previous stance. Perhaps I was missing something. Maybe my life could be easier, more productive, if I could banish that tendency to wait until the very last minute to get everything done.

As my practice got busier, I began to realize that my new lifestyle, that of a business owner, really necessitated being on top of my game. For the first time in my life, I started to see that procrastination definitely did not serve me. Overwhelmed with responsibility, I noticed that if I didn't get things done immediately, I felt as if I was losing control. I started to focus on getting things done ASAP...and more importantly, I began to present myself that way. Rather than talking myself up as a procrastinator, I began describing myself as someone who gets to things immediately. And the more I defined myself that way, the easier it was to become that person. I got into the habit of doing things in a timely manner, and it started to become second nature. It's quite strange to look back and see the way I once was, because I can't imagine that life today. I have truly become the person that I visualized, and it has made my life soooo much easier and smoother!

I'm not special, and I don't have any amazing gifts; anyone can do this. All you need to do is focus on what you want to change. Start visualizing about the way you WANT to be, rather than the way you are. See it, then be it.