Asking For Guidance

Time for the next experiment!  Today the goal is to get used to asking for questions, and truly listening for the answers that come. So here's the thing: we spend a lot of our time seeking guidance, either from ourselves (you know, the "inner voice," otherwise known as intuition), or from some higher power. We ask so many questions, then refuse to listen to the answers. Those voices of wisdom are clouded by our own ego and desires. Think about it: how many times have you asked yourself if you should be doing something different than what you are already doing? If you are like most of us, I'm guessing a lot. So you ask yourself, what should I be doing next? That clear voice tells you what you need to hear...and then you screw it all up. Laziness steps in and starts chatting about how HARD it's going to be to change direction at this point in your life. Then self-doubt comes along, whispering that you don't have what it takes to do whatever it is you're supposed to be doing. At this point all those other fears start clouding the landscape, and the next thing you know...that clear answer isn't so clear anymore. So why did you even bother asking the question, if you didn't want to know the answer? You got exactly what you asked for, and didn't even allow yourself to receive or acknowledge it.

This is where today's experiment comes in. The theory: clear and limitless guidance is yours for the taking, once you allow yourself to see it. The hypothesis: "If I ask for guidance, I will get a clear answer to the following yes or no question within 48 hours: _______________________________________________________________________

Ask away, and let me know what happens!