Finally...The Next Experiment!

I know, I've all been dying of anticipation waiting for this blog.  I got you hooked on these fun little games to prove that you are, in fact, playing a huge role in creating the world in which you live, and then I just...let you stew, wondering what is next.  The truth is, I've been pretty busy manifesting lots of stuff of my own, so I haven't had the time to sit down and write until today. By this point, if you've been following along, you're probably blown away by how much you have experienced-I know I am.  You've manifested some things that you've wanted, you have seen what happens when you open your eyes and really look at the world with clearer vision, and you've proved to yourself that you have the ability to manipulate the energy around you.  Now, finally, you're going to practice the most fun part-bringing in things that you want.

This experiment is all about focus.  The question is, "Can I pull things out of thin air simply by thinking about them?"  So what you are going to do is to get a piece of paper and decide what you are going to draw into your life within the next 48 hours.  Write it down, then focus on it for the next two days. Really envision getting exactly what you want, and don't allow any doubt to creep in.  Know that whatever you want to bring in, is on its way.