Energy Experiment # 3

I spent surprisingly little time in school learning about the manifestation of energy.  As an acupuncturist, my main responsibility is to manipulate energy within the body:  to move it when it's stuck, to replenish it when it is deficient, or to disperse it when there is too much of it in one area.  Since so much of my time is spent playing with energy, one would think that my classes would focus more on this intangible source.  Unfortunately, they did not.  I do remember, however, a day of playing with "qi balls."  We students stood around, holding our hands very close together, waiting for the sensation of energy to build between our palms.  As the blob of qi grew larger, we created balls out of this invisible substance...yes, I know it sounds strange.  I was always on the more cynical side, so I felt quite silly as we played with our balls, which we could not see, but could definitely feel. Since graduation, I have seen more than you would believe to sway me toward the reality of energy work.  Energy might not be seen, but it can be felt, experienced, and manipulated.   And the more you open your mind, the more you work with this energy, the more obvious it becomes.  The third energetic experiment, detailed below, is more proof that we have the ability to move energy with our intentions.  Again, this information comes from the book I mentioned in last week's blogs: "E Squared," by Pam Grout:

"In this experiment you're going to prove that your thoughts and feelings also create energy waves.  Here's what you do: get two wire coat hangers, easy to obtain in most any closet. Untwist the neck of each hanger until you've just got two straight wires.  These are your "Einstein wands."  Or, rather, they will be when you shape them into an L, about 12 inches long for the main part and 5 inches for the handle.  Cut a plastic straw in half, slide the handle that you just bent inside the straws (it'll make your wands swing easily), and bend the bottom of the hanger to hold the straw in place.

Now, pretend you're a double-fisted, gunslinging Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke with the wands held chest high and about ten inches from your body.  They'll flap all over the place at first (like I said, you're an ongoing river of energy), so give them a few minutes to settle down. Once they've stopped flapping, you're ready to begin with the experiment.

With your eyes straight ahead, vividly recall some very unpleasant event from your past.  Depending on the intensity of your emotion, the wands will either stay straight ahead (weak intensity) or will point inward, tip to tip. The wands are following the electromagnetic bands around your body, which have contracted as a result of the negative frequency generated by your unpleasant thought and emotions.

Now make your frequencies turn positive by thinking aobut something loving or joyous. The wands will now expand outward as your energy field expands to your positive energy flow.

Okay, now keep your eyes straight ahead, but focus your attention on an object to your far right or far left  and watch your wands follow your thoughts. The more you play with this, the more adept you'll become at feeling the vibrational shift as you change from one frequency to another."


Ready to give it a shot?  Get your hangers ready, and report back with your results!