The Energy Experiment Update

Are you all still following along with the energetic experiments I mentioned this week? If so, here are my results for experiment #2. If not, check out this week's blogs. Brief recap: Experiment 2 was all about opening your eyes to the world around you to see what you are asking for. The idea was to send an intention for something you want to see, and then to really open your eyes and look for said thing. The book suggested looking for sunset-beige cars on day one, and for butterflies on day two. The cars were easy; as soon as I started to look, I saw them EVERYWHERE. I counted fifteen just on my way to the gym, and then I got bored with counting.

On day two, I had an exceptionally long day at the office. Since I was busy all day with patients, I forgot all about the experiment. As 8:00 pm rolled around, I finally remembered. I told myself that I would begin my search for butterflies in the morning, because how the hell was I going to see one while I was trapped in my office? At that moment, I looked up from my computer and saw this:

photo (20)

Ok...think I've got the message. Stay tuned for the next experiment on the list!