Experiments in Energy: Day 2

I thought it would take a few days to get back to all of you on the results of yesterday's experiment, but the universe acted far more quickly than I had anticipated. Immediately after I wrote out my request for an unmistakable sign, I got a text about an opening in a class that I really, really wanted to take. Fantastic. I'm happy about it, but is this a sure sign that my request was answered? Not sure. So I started to think: what would be absolute, undeniable proof that this experiment was working? I attract a lot of things, so this would have to be something that would blow my mind. For some reason, the thought of a person whom I have not seen in years, someone I had no intention of connecting with again, someone I never anticipated speaking with again, crossed my mind. If I hear from this person in any way, within 48 hours, this would be proof positive that I am totally connecting with the energy around me and creating changes with my will.

It didn't take 48 hours. Within 2 HOURS of writing out my request, I received an email from this person.

Mind: officially blown.

So here's day two: learning to tune in to the world around you, and starting to notice what is right in front of you. According to the author of "E-Squared," while we are constantly impacting the energetic field, we are only drawing from it according to our beliefs and expectations. Basically, we are manifesting stuff all the time; we're just too thick-headed to see it. We need to practice opening our eyes. So, the way we are going to do this is to think of two things we don't tend to see all that often. She suggests starting on day one with sunset-beige cars. On day two, look for butterflies. Take note of how many sunset-beige cars you see today. Then tomorrow, start looking for butterflies. Keep the intention in your mind that you WILL see these things, and start charting!