Experiments in Energy

In the beginning of January, I wrote a post about my resolution to simply let go and stop focusing on finding ways to bring in new business. Last year I spent every waking moment when I wasn't with patients dreaming up ways to bring in more, more, more. I would literally dream about different marketing tactics that I hadn't used before, and while it ended up paying off, there was a price. I found myself exhausted, burnt out, and unfulfilled. Don't get me wrong; I loved being in my office with patients, and I loved what I had created. But I had no life outside of that. I couldn't relax and enjoy the fruits of my labors, because my mind was always racing toward the next thing. And while I am a huge fan of manifestation, I started to feel as if my powers if manifestation were directly connected to my obsession with work. As good as I am at making things happen, there was still that underlying fear that if my focus and will wavered even for a moment, it would lead to failure. I banished that type of thinking on January 1, 2014. And the phone has not stopped ringing since.

Over the past few weeks, I've enjoyed my time in the office more than ever before, because I've let go of all the stress surrounding the business component. I'll let that take care of itself, because I know that it will, without my intervention. All I need to do is think of how many people I want to see that week, and then know that this is what I will get. Bonus: now that I am not spending every spare moment with marketing, I have more time for fun...and a rested, happy acupuncturist makes for happier patients :)

As luck, or fate, or universal guidance would have it, I just stumbled upon a book that is all about this very topic. Its called "E Squared: nine do-it-yourself experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality". It's so good! It's a quick, entertaining read and was only $2.99 on my Nook. I bought it and finished it last night, and I woke up excited to try out these experiments. The concept is basically the same as "The Secret," only designed for those who prefer concrete proof that the law of attraction really exists and consistently works. For those of you who are interested in becoming proficient at manifestation, I invite you to try the experiments along with me, and to post your results here. So, we begin today!

The first principle in this book is called "The Dude Abides Principle." This is the big one, the one that all other energetic laws rest upon. It is an acknowledgement that there is an invisible energetic force of infinite possibilities. Experiment #1 is centered around demanding a clear, unmistakable sign from this force, one that cannot be written off as coincidence, and giving this sign a defined time frame. The book suggests 48 hours as that time frame.

So, here is the experiment: Get out a piece of paper, write today's date and time. Write out a request for this energetic force to send you a gift within 48 hours of the written date and time, and just accept that it will happen. Don't doubt, and let go of any negative feelings you have about asking for something.

I talk about manifestation with my patients a lot, and I find that lots of people who want certain things to happen send out the exact opposite vibe. Energy feeds off our beliefs and thoughts more than our words. So if a patient tells me that they really want to see a sign from the universe in one sentence, but then tells me that a very obvious sign would completely freak them out, what do you think is going to happen? Probably nothing, because they're sending mixed messages.

Fear aside, a lot of us suffer from guilt surrounding the idea of attracting what we want, without working for it. I've done this myself in the past, but not anymore. I come from a very blue-collar family, and a good work-ethic was drilled into us from day one. I've worked since I was old enough to babysit, but anytime I needed money, it would just come to me...sometimes quite dramatically. I remember getting a call from a friend, years ago, asking me to go out for dinner. I had to turn her down, because I had just spent all my money on bills. I really wanted to go out, and I made a silent wish that some money would come my way. Three minutes later, I left my house...and noticed something flapping in the bushes. I investigated, and found a twenty dollar bill. Then I looked down, and saw two more twenties on the ground.

Things like this used to (and still do) happen to me all the time, but I would feel guilty about actually asking for it. Why? Well, I was brought up to believe that you get what you work for. Asking the universe for money seems kind of lazy and greedy, doesn't it?

And there lies the crux of the problem. Those thoughts infiltrate our minds, and again, we send mixed signals. We want something to happen...but we send that vibration out that says "Yes! I want this! Well...kind of. Maybe. I think?" If our rquests to other people were as unclear as our requests to the universe, no one would ever get a date!

Back to our experiment: let's give it a shot, and let's do it with full belief, no questions, no doubts. Know that it is simply coming to you, and that's it. I'll keep you all posted on my results, and if you choose to participate, please do the same!