New Year's Resolutions and Magic

I'm really, really good at making things happen...almost disturbingly good, in fact.  Ever since I was a young kid, I would set certain goals for myself throughout the day, and then they would come to fruition.  In elementary school, I would tell myself that if I wore a certain set of socks, I would get three A pluses on assignments that day...and sure enough, I would get exactly what I anticipated.  As I got older, I would go out with the intention of coming home with a job, and I would.  Fast forward to my late teens/early 20s and I managed to make this ability to materialize a certain amount of income work for me when I waited tables.  I would create a specific number in my head of how much money I would bring home, and that was what would end up in my pocket at the end of the evening.  This happened so consistently that I began to write down my intended amount of money to make for the night on the whiteboard at work.  As I counted my tips after my shift, it would almost always match up, down to the penny. I believe that anyone can manifest what they want, to a certain extent...but some people are better at it than others.  Why?  Honestly, I'm not sure.  I do know that when I want something, I have no doubt that it will happen.  In my mind, I've already reached my goal.  I'm also an extremely imaginative person, and I can visualize what I want with extreme clarity.  Most of the people I know who are good at manifesting also have these qualities, so maybe this is the key?

When I started my practice, I had no doubt that I would succeed, despite everyone telling me how difficult it is to survive in this field.  In fact, even when I had no clients, I told anyone who asked that things were great.  I wasn't lying; in my mind, I was positive that I was on the path to success.  And every time I told someone how great the biz was doing, I was reaffirming the belief in my own mind that, yes, I was already running a busy practice.  I thought that if I firmly believed this, eventually it would become my reality.  And that is exactly what happened.

Since the new year has rolled around, I've been thinking about what else, exactly, I want to manifest this year.  As always, I've been assessing my successes and failures since January of 2012.  And I realize that I want to do things differently this year.  Last year, I was all about success, making money, building and thriving.  I expended so much energy making all of this a reality, but in the end I lost sight of keeping balance in my life.  My life in 2012 was work, work, work.  Yes, business was booming...but I let my own needs fall by the wayside.  I convinced myself that all of my non-stop hard work was keeping my business going, and if I let go of that control, it would lead to failure.  So I came into the office seven days a week and spent the time that I wasn't with patients brainstorming ways to get more people through the door.  It worked.  I was busy, but terribly lonely and exhausted...not exactly what I was going for.

This year, I am going to let go and allow things to flow as they should.  I already know that I will attract all that I want and need; for a while, I lost confidence in that.  I believed that the only way to succeed was to never, ever stop focusing on work.  This year, I will let myself relax and enjoy the ebbs and flows, while maintaining balance in my personal life.  I'm looking forward to seeing how differently things are going to run here, now that I've adopted this mindset.  I know that I'm going to be a lot happier this way, and that's all that matters to me.