Unrequited Love, and Aunt Jemina

Do you ever wonder why some people find it so easy to let go of the old, and others just keep clinging and holding on?  Whether it is an past relationship, feelings of guilt, bitterness or rage...some of us seem to have a much easier time moving on than others. When I see patients who are holding on to negative thoughts that no longer serve them, I can see it in their bodies.  Everything is tight, compressed, rigid.  You can see the physical signs of an emotional weight, and just looking at them makes me tired.  It must be exhausting to hold on to anything so tightly, without reprieve.

We all have things in our lives to deal with...breakups, fights with friends, feelings of loss and abandonment...yet some of us suffer with it for a brief time, and then put it behind us.  Others go on for months, years, decades, stewing in resentment and longing.   Why is this?

When someone comes into my office and I assess their overall countenance, I can get a sense of the way their energy is flowing.  It isn't just me; anyone can do it,  you just need to stop for a moment and take a good look.  In fact, you do this all the time.  Whenever you get a "bad vibe" about someone, or instantly feel some sort of connection...when you begin to speak with someone and end up anxious but aren't quite sure why...when you feel yourself slow down and relax every time you are around a particular person...you are tuning into their particular energy.  Everyone's energy is as individual as their fingerprints, and like fingerprints, remnants of it are left in places most often frequented by the owner of that energy.  Ever walk into a stranger's house and get an instant feel for who they are, without meeting them first?  Homes hold so much of this energetic residue, that we can get a sense of their owner's energy before we even see them.

Some people have a certain lightness to their energy.  In others, it's thick and sticky...almost like maple syrup.  It clings and sticks and you just can't seem to get rid of the residue.   Patients that I see with this sticky energy are clingers.  They cling to people, to things, to old pain.  Whereas those with "flowy" energy can accept that things come and go, the clingers can't seem to dislodge all the negativity that is stuck to their maple syrup.  This is a weird sentence, I realize.

One of the great things about acupuncture is that it has the ability to lighten and move the energy of the body and mind.  People actually look physically lighter after a session.  They stand taller, their shoulders are relaxed, and their faces are brighter.  And so, so often (more times than you could imagine), people come back expressing amazement over being able to finally let go of old negative habits, patterns, and people.  It's truly inspiring.  I wish that I had knowledge of this medicine when I was going through tumultuous times in my own past; it would have made my life so much easier!