A Kid's View Of Alternative Medicine

I treat a fair amount of young people in my practice, and I marvel at how differently this generation views alternative medicine. It's wonderful. When I was growing up, the idea of doing anything aside from having yearly physicals with an MD was completely outside the realm of my experience or understanding. At the age of 9, I'm not even sure if I knew what a chiropractor was, let alone an acupuncturist. Even as a teen, acupuncture seemed so foreign to me, something that I would never encounter in my own life. Life is full of surprises, isn't it? So, what is a child's perception of acupuncture and hypnosis? I thought it would be interesting to hear the thoughts of a kid who has never had an acupuncture session (full disclosure: she has had a single needle inserted to see what it felt like, by yours truly!). Here is what Olivia O. had to say:

How old are you?  Nine.

What do you think acupuncture is?  Tiny needles that use force like magic to make pain go away.

What do you think an acupuncture session is like?  You are calm and relaxed and tiny soothing needles make pain go away.

What does an acupuncture needle feel like?  It feels tingly.

What kind of problems do you think acupuncture can help?  I think if you have bad pains in your back like my mom and also if you're feeling sick or if you just recovered from an injury.

What do you think hypnosis feels like?  I think it feels like you are so tired and almost sleeping so you will do some things that you won't do if you are not hypnotized.

What kinds of problems do you think kids might get hypnotized for?  If they were not listening or behaving correctly.

Would you be afraid to try either acupuncture or hypnosis?  No!