Do You Work In A Restaurant? You Need Acupuncture!

I learned many, many invaluable lessons from all my years in the restaurant industry.  I learned how to behave in public.  How to be polite even to the excruciatingly undeserving.  I learned how to multitask effectively, to manage my time (somewhat) efficiently, and to make an incredible Sidecar.   And I learned one lesson years too late: if you work in the restaurant industry, you need acupuncture. Why?

Well, think about it.  The greasy, sometimes inedible staff meals...the late-night binges of food and booze...those heavy trays.  Stress, stress, and stress. Restaurant workers are sleep-deprived, emotionally battered, and have the worst diets imaginable.  So, where does acupuncture come in?

  • Restaurant employees have terrible eating habits.  They spend half the night starving as they run around, then gorge themselves on whatever greasy food substitute they can get their hands on.   From the perspective of Chinese medicine, these irregular eating patterns can damage the Stomach and Spleen.  This can lead to digestive issues, fatigue, and weight gain.  A few needles can help with these issues.
  • Most waitstaff suffer from neck and shoulder tension and pain.  All of that lifting and carrying really does a number on the upper body.  We acupuncturists have more tricks in our bag than needles; we can use techniques such as cupping and gua sha to resolve stiffness and discomfort in almost any area of the body.
  • Acupuncture can help to prevent future pain from current injuries.  We see pain, tension, stiffness as stuck blood and qi (energy).  By using those tiny needles, we can manipulate the blood and qi into moving.  This means that all those falls you take in the slippery kitchen don't need to lead to a future achy knee or bad hip.  Be proactive and use this medicine to preserve your future health.
  • Humans are disgusting.  They are filled with all kinds of germs, and they will come into your restaurant and happily share all of these germs with you. And as all of you restaurant workers know, there is no such thing as a sick day in a restaurant.  So boost your immunity and give yourself a fighting chance during flu season.
  • One word: hangovers.  We can help with that!
  • You all know what happens after an extra-long shift.  You go home, exhausted, fantasizing about a good night's sleep.  You fluff up your pillows, get yourself comfy...and toss and turn.  You're so damn tired,  but your mind simply won't turn off.  And on top of it, your legs are all twitchy and jittery.  Acupuncture is fantastic for helping you to shut down your brain, and to drift into peaceful slumber.
  • Acupuncture can save a life.  Specifically, that wretched customer on table 21, who has been tormenting you since you greeted the table.  Let's face it, everyone needs to eat-even human beings who are truly terrible.  It's unavoidable that you will need to deal with some people who are going to drive you mad.  Regular acupuncture will balance you out and keep you cool, calm, and collected in the midst of the madness of working in a restaurant.