Everyone's In Heat

At a certain time of year, moods get elevated, clothes get skimpy, and everyone seems to be on the hunt for a partner (or at least a summer fling.) You have probably noticed a drastic change in how you feel now that the weather is finally heating up. Perhaps you've been more social, more outgoing, maybe even a little revved-up. If you think about how you felt during this past seemingly endless winter, it's quite a change, isn't it? From the perspective of Chinese medicine, our energies are directly affected by the climates surrounding us. Ever notice how heavy, draggy, and lethargic you feel during a miserable rainy day? That is the external dampness of the day seeping in. During cold weather, we want to stay inside more, taking up solitary, restful activities. Cold contracts and tightens our energy, which leads to us spending more alone time in contemplation. And in summer? Well, that heat outside can get us all heated up on the inside, as well.

In this medicine, Heat inspires our feisty, fiery side. It is a catalyst that encourages us to speak up and not be afraid to be the center of attention. Where Cold contracts, Heat expands...so that people who possess internal Heat can sometimes seem to be larger than life. That person who takes up a lot of energetic space, the one full of extravagant gestures and controversial ideas, is likely on the hotter end of the energetic spectrum.

Internal Heat also plays a role in sparking sexual desire. We need that fire, that extra Yang, to get our libidos going. Since Heat also stimulates the urge to be more outgoing and put yourself out there...well, it's a prime situation for hunting down some summer lovin'. Beware, though: Internal Heat can also translate into aggression, agitation, and anger. This is why petty arguments seem to get sparked more easily in the summer months; hot weather can cause internal Heat to flare up into Fire, which is when you see tempers explode. It's a lot easier to let mild irritations escalate into full-blown anger when the weather is hot, isn't it? Now you know why!