Little Pricks And Orgasms

Sex is a complicated thing. Not only do our physical parts need to be in top shape for things to progress satisfactorily, we also need to be mentally and emotionally engaged. Stress, anxiety, exhaustion...all of these can lead to problems in the bedroom. In the world of Chinese medicine, most sexual dysfunction stems from stagnation. Ah, stagnation...the root of all evil, at least in my world. If the flow of blood and qi to the genital area is impeded in any way, matters in the Land of Penis and Vagina simply won't have a happy ending. Fortunately, we acupuncturists can use our magical needles to move and nourish the qi and the blood, leading to smiles all around.

As you know, though, the physical and emotional are inextricably intertwined. If the mind can't get into the right state for arousal and orgasm, the body won't be able to, either. We humans are filled with all kinds of triggers that can drain our sexual energy and prevent us from reaching fulfillment. Past relationships, trauma, issues with body image and trust...the list goes on and on.

The good news? When we get right down to it, orgasms start in the brain. What better way to tap into this than with a few sessions of hypnoacupuncture? The acupuncture addresses the physical and energetic stagnation, while the hypnotherapy allows me to work on the mental and emotional components that are holding the patient back from achieving arousal and orgasm. It's Viagra without all the horrifying side-effects...a win-win. Happy endings for all!