Signs And Portents

Every morning, I start my day with an unwelcome glass of water. I prefer coffee, to be honest, but drinking a full glass of water in the morning makes me feel as if I am starting the day off on the right foot. On Wednesday, I poured my usual glass, lifted it, and took a moment to stare at my carpet, thinking that it could certainly use some vacuuming. Getting back to the task at hand, I raised the glass to my lips....only to have the entire bottom of the glass fall out, onto the floor. It didn't shatter, or crack. It simply just...fell apart, as if the water was too heavy for the glass. It happened so quickly that it took me a moment to realize I was holding only three-quarters of a glass, and that my lower torso was drenched in icy cold water. When it finally registered, I casually tossed out the F-bomb, and then set to cleaning up all that water.

Later that day, I had lunch with an extremely perceptive friend. As I laughingly told her about my strange experience with the glass, she asked if it seemed like a sign to me. To be honest, it did. I just wasn't sure what that perfectly broken glass was telling me...perhaps that I am holding on to too much water weight?

As we discussed it, I blurted out, "It sounds like such a ridiculously boring hoo, I broke a glass. But no one would understand unless they saw it for themselves. The bottom of the glass just...fell out. The bottom fell out."

As I said these words, I started to think about what they meant to me on a personal level. Lately, I've been missing out on time for myself, time to cultivate my own health and well-being. I've been sensing that my foundation needs some building, because I simply see way too many people every day to keep running on fumes.

Could this broken glass, a glass with a foundation too weak to support what it is meant to be carrying, be the universe's way of telling me this? I have no idea. All I know is that, sign or not, that is what I perceived as the meaning behind it all. And as we all know, perception can be everything.