Couponing It

With the advent of Groupon and other discount sites, no one wants to pay full price for anything anymore. When I opened my practice, all I wanted was to get people to hear about me, to get them in the door. I knew that when they saw improvement, they would return. It is surprising how many acupuncturists are averse to doing coupon deals. Time and again, I hear stories coming from both ends of the spectrum. While some acupuncturists complain of being completely overwhelmed with coupons, to the point where they can't handle the workload, others report that this type of business doesn't lend itself well to discount sites. When I contacted Groupon a few years ago, they agreed with that assessment, claiming that acupuncture isn't a great seller and usually isn't worth their time to feature.

While searching for someone to promote my business in the beginning, I had a few negative experiences. I had one major coupon site create an entire promotion for me, sign a bunch of contracts, give me dates that it would run...and then drop off the face of the earth. I postponed a trip based around this promotion, so as you can imagine, this was frustrating. As it turned out, the original coupon site merged with another one, who decided not to feature my business, but never let me know about it.

Another company (who I ended up refusing to work with) wanted me to promote myself by promising services that I could not provide. The woman who contacted me left me a series of increasingly frantic phone calls, telling me that my promotion would really sell if I could just add in some massages and facials to my acupuncture session. I'm not an esthetician, or a massage therapist. When I (repeatedly) explained this to her, her response was this: "Well, no one has to know that!"

Fast forward to this past summer. After some thought, I decided to have Living Social feature my practice in order to promote my hypnoacupuncture sessions. As it turned out, it was a great decision. I met lots of wonderful patients that I really connected with, and we never would have crossed each other's paths otherwise. Also, it gave clients the chance to experience something that they never would have thought of using otherwise. Word was spread, clients had great results...everyone won!

Now that the new year is here, I thought it would be a good time to feature another special involving hypnoacupuncture. Living Social is currently running a promotion for Healing Point Therapeutics, and you can access it here: