Somehow I tumbled into the abyss of the internet while looking for a scary movie to watch, and ended up reading about something called a dibbuk box. If you're interested you can link to the story here:

Long story short, this mysterious box was purchased at an estate sale of a woman who died, and it has the reputation of being cursed. Several paranormal investigators have studied it, and it is now apparently buried in an undisclosed location. There was a poorly reviewed movie based around the premise of said box, called "The Possession."

To be honest, I kind of freaked myself out while reading about it. The story is pretty disturbing, and I was all alone at night when I stumbled across it. Everything is scarier in dark and silence, so it was one of those nights when I kept waking up to make sure my feet were covered by the blanket. As you know, when your feet are uncovered at night, bad things can happen. You never know when your foot will get grabbed by a creature hiding under the bed :)

Baseless terrors aside, the story got me thinking about curses, and why they can be so powerful. I remember watching a film in elementary school about King Tut's tomb, and how all of the explorers who ventured in ended up dying of his curse. Being only 8 or so, this prospect disturbed me deeply. The film we watched was a documentary, not some fictional piece. It was a true story, and the filmmaker seemed convinced of the reality of curses. It wasn't until years later that I learned how often fact and fiction commingle and become something bigger than reality.

When I worked in the restaurant world, I would come in expecting the worst during a full moon. Inevitably, whenever a full moon came out, it would be a rough night. Every single time. Every Friday the 13th, I would come home with an empty wallet and a broken soul.

Being busy and preoccupied at the restaurant, it was a regular occurrence for me to almost drop a glass, and then to catch it in the nick of time. If I ever mentioned something afterward about being particularly clumsy that day, I would always end up dropping something later that would end up breaking. If a night was particularly unpleasant, I would joke about the restaurant being cursed...and then things would steadily decline from there.

The point here? I'm always blogging about creating your own positive reality. Well, wherever there is a positive, there must be a negative. If you expect the negative, you are projecting an intention, whether you are choosing to do so or not. If you believe that something bad will happen to you because you possess a particular object, or because you have said a certain phrase...then you are calling the devil and waiting for him to arrive. That is actually not a saying; I just made it up. But it should be a saying, shouldn't it? Isn't it a good one? I am officially claiming it. And a curse upon those of you who use it and take credit for it!