Sex And Candy

Each of the organs has a physical, mental, and emotional component in the wacky world of Chinese medicine. The Liver control is linked to anger, irritation, and general edginess...think PMS, but in both sexes. Now, think of the Liver and Spleen being on opposite ends of the spectrum, balancing each other out. The Spleen is about giving. Someone with a Spleeny disposition would tend to focus on others...sometimes to the point of being obsessive or overly nurturing. While the Liver is about strict, rigid boundaries, the Spleen is soft, motherly, and gentle. It's the part of us that plays caretaker. When the energy of either of these organs is out of balance, we can feel overwhelmed by life. If the Spleen is weak, you might feel as if you are trying to take care of everyone around you, at the expense of your own piece of mind. This type of person would give and give and give, to the point of exhaustion. A person with an imbalanced Liver, on the other hand, would be more likely to either simmer with slowly building irritation, or explode with rage.

Anger is the trademark of the Liver, and overthinking/obsession is the emotion of the Spleen...but most people fall somewhere between a pure Liver or Spleen personality. The majority of the world isn't walking around in a constant fit of rage, nor are they solely focused on being caretakers 24 hours a day. Our moods tend to change with the natural ebb and flow of life, even if certain aspects of our personalities appear more strongly and frequently.

Now that you have read this far, you are probably wondering what the hell any of this has to do with sex or candy. we go.

There are certain things that soothe the energies of the organs, things that we can do to make that energy flow more smoothly and efficiently. One very powerful component is, of course, acupuncture. During an acupuncture session, we are directly manipulating the energies of the organs in order to build and move the energy the way it was meant to move.

When you're not in the acupuncturist's office, you can still manipulate this energy on your own, to a certain extent. Exercise, diet, and meditation can boost and shift stagnant energy. Obviously, a healthy diet of fresh, natural foods enhances the energy of the body...but there are also certain flavors that strengthen the organs:

Kidney: salty Lung: pungent Heart: bitter Liver: sour Spleen: sweet

Again, in Chinese medicine, the key is balance. You want to incorporate these flavors into your diet, but not in excess. A certain amount of salt is beneficial to the Kidney, but too much is damaging. Patients with deficient Kidney energy usually prefer salty foods, because their bodies need it. Likewise for all of the flavors; it's pretty amazing that I can take someone's pulse and tell them what their favorite flavor is!

So, back to the Spleen. Did you ever wonder why so many stressed-out moms tend to have a sweet tooth? The Spleen is soothed by sugar. That's why sugar can calm your nerves and make you feel relaxed when you feel overwhelmed.

And as for sex? Well, the Liver channel flows through the genital region. From a physical standpoint, the Liver is linked to the flow of blood. When (decent) sex occurs, the blood flow increases and surges through the area, keeping the Liver channel moving smoothly. And this is why sex can can erase feelings of aggravation and irritation...if it's done correctly ;)