Energy And The Afterlife

I have a very talented psychic friend, and while she is great with predictions and tarot and that sort of thing, I am most blown away by her medium abilities. While I am very open-minded, I have a strong streak of skeptic within me, and this is why I like verifiable information in my psychic phenomena. Also, I prefer instant gratification. As exciting as it is to have a dead-on (no pun intended) psychic reading, there's always a waiting period to see the predictions come true. When someone is conversing with the dead, however, there is plenty of information to verify that there is really some otherworldly stuff going on. This friend of mine comes into contact with the dead on a regular basis, which means that at any time I could get a message from someone when I am with her. One aspect of this that I find particularly fascinating is how the most defining characteristics of the dead linger on and continue to define them after they have passed. When she connects with someone, she will bring up the way the person moves, sits, or talks...and it's always chillingly accurate.

Whenever I think about this, it makes me wonder what qualities define me to others. What will people remember about me after I am gone?

It's pretty obvious that we each have our own particular brand of energy that gets spread around as we move through space and time. We see it all the time: that person who enters a room and just makes everyone feel a little lighter and brighter. Or, that person who seems to suck every bit of air and happiness out of the environment-the emotional vampire. I think that most of us tend to fall within the spectrum of these two.

It's kind of nice to think that all of the pieces that make us who we are do not disappear when this life comes to an end. It's comforting to realize that our most defining characteristics are still recognizable and verifiable after we move on the the next realm...wherever that may be.