The Real You

We are all such fluid creatures. Sometimes I sit and wonder...who is the real me? Is it me at my very best, my most creative and motivated and kind? Is it the not-so-nice person that comes out occasionally, when I have to struggle to make it through the day without losing my sanity? Was it me way back when I had no clue about life, and still had decades of mistakes to live through and learn from? Or is my most authentic self still waiting to come out, years down the road? When I think about how I have changed and evolved through the years, I think about the consistent factors that define who I am. There are certain things about me that have stayed the same since childhood, and these characteristics will likely be ingrained within me until I pass from this world. Yet, when I look back over the course of my twenties and early thirties, I can barely recognize the person I used to be. It's kind of frightening to realize this; in thirty years, will the person who I am now seem like a stranger to my future self?

How about all of you out there? When do you think that you are your most authentic self?