My New Year's Resolution

Those who know me best know that I'm all about the story. I'd much rather indulge in experiences than things. I always try to think about how I will feel at some point far in the future, looking back at my life. I ask myself, would I rather remember the things that I had, or the things that I did? I choose to do. I've taken trips that have changed my life. I've been to places where I was alone and scared. Some places I've seen have been so beautiful that their images have been seared into my mind for perhaps forever. I've also been to landscapes that have been bleak and desolate and really depressing.

I've spent money I didn't have. I've been desperately poor, and I've been okay. I've moved and shifted and changed my entire life and perspective...and it didn't even take me that long. I've met fantastic people that will stay in my life until it ends. I've met pathological liars, criminals, and deviants.

I've lived.

And more than anything else, more than security or adventure or even physical safety, I crave the stories that unfold from all this living. I wake up every morning, wondering what story is about to unfold. Sometimes I create one, and sometimes it is already written, just waiting for my character to enter. Even in the dullest of days, there's always some sort of story just waiting to be written. This, to me, is what makes life worth living.

I've looked forward to horrible dates, knowing that I was going to enjoy the hell out of not enjoying myself. Why? For no other reason than the story. The worse the date, the higher the entertainment factor. In fact, I have done lots of things that most people wouldn't do, just to find myself wrapped up in some sort of twisted plot. Why not? If our lives are books, I want mine to be one that begs to be read!

And in the spirit of a new year, my goal is to fill 2013 with tales of adventure and mystery and intrigue :) Happy New Year, everyone!