Lessons From A Massage Parlor

This past Tuesday, I pulled something in my neck and was forced to self-cup in order to be able to turn my head. (Check out my last blog post for pics). While it did work well, I decided to be proactive before I succumbed to the issue again, and I scheduled a massage yesterday. Now, I am not going to tell you where I went, but I will say this: I learned that it is the little things that really make an experience enjoyable. The massage itself isn't the whole picture; when you pay for a session of massage/acupuncture/whatever, you expect a certain level of comfort and care. You want to be pampered a bit, and made to feel taken care of. Every once in a while, it's helpful for me to be reminded of this by visiting other establishments. And here is what I learned yesterday:

  • Sticky floors are creepy. Especially if you are barefoot. All through my massage, my mind kept drifting back to that unanswered question: What did I step in??
  • Draping is important. I am not shy, but I AM cold. I always drape my patients carefully, because I would never want anyone to feel uncomfortable in any way. I spent my massage undraped and freezing. It was hard to enjoy my awesome massage while shivering and covered in goosebumps.
  • You should probably ask someone if it is okay to touch them in certain areas. Again, I am not shy, and I don't have a problem with any sort of therapist rubbing me...well, pretty much anywhere. Still, there were parts of my massage where I was thinking, "Hmm...this seems weird." That feeling wouldn't have come up if I wasn't totally exposed, or if she had given me a bit more info about what to expect.
  • Communication really makes a huge difference. I don't mind surprises, but if someone is going to slap you violently out of the blue, or throw a soaking, steaming hot towel on your back, a bit of warning is welcome.
  • It's important not to let your patients leave ugly. Yes, my patients sometimes appear disheveled from all the bliss going on in my office, but yesterday I left my massage looking like a straight-up monster. I had mascara down to my chin, my hair was standing on end, and one of my eyes was bigger than the other from being crushed into a face-cradle for so long. A mention that I might want to look in the mirror before leaving would have been nice.