And The Cupper Becomes The Cuppee

My patients are always asking me whether I treat myself. My answer? Yes, I do...but I prefer not to. First of all, many of the good points are difficult to reach on yourself. You also tend to needle much more slowly when you are going into your own skin, which means that the needles can be uncomfortable (they usually aren't). And there is just something about the exchange of energies between the patient and practitioner that makes the treatment better, somehow. So yes, I can treat myself...but I would much rather be treated by someone else. That being said, desperate times call for desperate measures. This morning I awoke with a mysteriously crippled neck, and I need to be able to turn my head to work on patients. I didn't have time to make an acupuncture or massage appointment, so I was forced to work on myself, and work on myself I did. I cupped the living hell out of my neck, and I am happy to announce that I am back in commission!  Here are a few pics of the actual cupping, and the aftermath:

 Yes, I know it looks painful...but it actually felt reallllly good. And best of all, within minutes I was able to turn my neck again! Cupping is truly amazing, and if you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out.