Acupuncture Works. Period.

If you are a female, you are more than familiar with the curse that descends upon womankind every 28-32 days. If you are a man who has ever been with a female, you have undoubtedly experienced this curse secondhand: the shouting, recriminations, tears, and assault charges that naturally sprout from the pain and hormonal fluctuations induced by the most dreaded of female side-effects: the period. No one loves getting their period. The severity of symptoms fluctuate wildly between "eh, a minor annoyance" to "Oh God, kill me now," but I can guarantee that there isn't a single woman out there who dances with joy at the prospect of menstruation. Even those women who don't consider their periods to be "bad" usually experience some level of discomfort. Add to this the mood swings, cravings, and fatigue, and you have a recipe for a miserable few days.

One of the things I noticed immediately when I started receiving acupuncture treatments was how quickly and dramatically my period responded to treatment. For some reason, the period is very sensitive to acupuncture, and most women see changes right away. When I started getting treatments, I wasn't even going because of my periods; I was seeing an acupuncturist due to a knee injury. Even so, after only two sessions I noticed that my period was completely different. I had no pain, and the consistency of the blood had no resemblance to the periods I had come to expect. It was...well, actually, I found it kind of weird at first. How could something that was so consistent throughout my 30+ years shift so suddenly after only two sessions? Sessions that weren't even geared toward balancing out my period? Well, when something is out of balance, it craves the balance it is lacking...and apparently my period was ready for some equilibrium!

So for all of you women out there who suffer with monthly cramps and other associated miseries, rest assured that there is a solution for you that is better that pumping yourself full of meds. Midol will take care of the cramps, but it will leave you exhausted and spacey...not to mention that it won't do anything for the rest of your symptoms. Acupuncture can take care of this issue at the source. I can't tell you how many patients come in doubled over with cramps, and leave smiling. I'm still blown away by how well this medicine works for alleviating the issues associated with the period, and I highly recommend it to any woman who is craving menstrual relief!