I've always despised the word "moist." It sounds so vile, doesn't it? No, really. Say it veeerrry slowly. It's just one of those words that should never be spoken aloud. Just hearing the word brings me to a moldy, festering, fetid place. Yesterday I saw patients until almost 11:00 pm, back to back. Between the misty weather and all of the moxa I burned, I was a soggy mess by 8:00. Fortunately, I have lovely mood lighting in my room once the sun goes down; if not, my patients might well have run screaming from my office after getting a good look at me. When I made a bathroom run and looked into the mirror, I actually jumped back in fright. I looked like a clown, the type of clown who lures kids into vans. My mascara had run down beneath my eyes in rivulets; my hair was a mass of frizz, and my face was damp and glowing from the humidity. I very moist.

So why am I writing a blog about this? Well, all this moisture and dampness we've been experiencing lately has really been doing a number on my patients. People are cranky and sad and achy. Everything hurts more in this type of weather. For many, motivation to do anything goes right out the window with this incessantly crappy weather. Those suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) bear the worst of it, but even the cheeriest of us tend to feel sluggish, fatigued, and oozy with this type of weather. I've talked about Dampness many times in this blog (and yes, the capitalization is there for a reason; when the word refers to Chinese medical terminology, it gets the big D). Dampness is thick, sticky, and sludgy-exactly what we all feel like after a few days of this weather.

So if you lack the desire to get off the couch, if you've found yourself feeling down lately, or if your aches and pains have magnified within the course of the week...don't despair. This weather shall pass, and so too will the Dampness within. Soon you will be moist no longer-internally or externally. In fact, I believe we have some sunlight to look forward to this weekend!