...And The Aftermath

Yesterday I blogged about a psychic party that I hosted at my apartment over the weekend. A wonderful time was had by all, and there were a lot of emotional encounters with the other side. It was just like being on Montel when Sylvia Browne is there, only with booze added to the mix. It was the perfect way to kick off the pre-Halloween season. But then came the aftermath. After all the cleanup and winding down, I didn't fall asleep until midnight. I woke up at 1:00 to a weird black mist swirling around my bed. As I took this in, I heard footsteps and noise in my living room. I live alone, and my apartment is normally very quiet. As the noises grew more pronounced, I did the only thing I could think of: I played dead. I covered myself with the blanket and hid, hoping that whomever had broken into my apartment would steal my stuff and then leave me alone. The longer I lay there, however, the more convinced I was that whatever was in my apartment wasn't a person.

I tried to peek into the living room from my bedroom, and all I could see were little sparkling dots floating around. As I strained to see more clearly, more and more of these bizarre, floating sparkles began to show up. At this point, I was more freaked out than I would be if I had stumbled upon an intruder. I decided to play dead again and wait for the morning to come as I tried not to pee on myself in fear.

As I lay there, heart racing, my cat jumped onto the bed and settled right on my chest, which he has never done before. Generally, my two cats don't sleep with me. If they do decide to hang out in my bed, they sleep at the foot of the bed, or on the opposite side, as far away from me as possible. I couldn't help but wonder if he could sense that I was about to be eaten by a demon.

Then I felt it: the familiar sensation of someone sitting down at the end of the bed. Except there was no one there. I could feel the bed shifting with someone's weight, and hear the sound of the springs...but no one was at the end of the bed.

Dear. God.

Somehow I got through the night, and I emailed my psychic friend first thing in the morning. I explained the situation, and my fears that something had gotten called in during the party and didn't want to leave. She had an explanation for what she thought was going on (which I won't get into), but I was still too frightened to stay at my place without some sort of protection. I saged my whole place, used some Reiki, and actually managed to sleep last night. My apartment feels safe again, but I still wonder what the hell happened after that party. Did we create some sort of opening into the spirit world with our desire to connect? Was what I experienced some sort of psychic remnant from the party, akin to smoke after a fire?

I don't know. All I know is that I've had my fill of spirits for the time being. Except for the ones that come out of a bottle, of course.