This Weekend's Entertainment

I have a very talented psychic friend, and for those of you in the area, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to host a party or book a phone session. She is mind-blowingly accurate and very detailed, and also just a great person. If anyone wants to enlist her services, feel free to contact me in a private message. Apparently, when she is preparing to do a medium party, the spirits become very aware of this and start talking to her days before. She had messages ready before she even came into contact with the people at my party. You may not believe in this sort of thing, and all I can say is this: I am very open, but also have an extremely skeptical streak. I have been to many psychics in the past, just for entertainment. With one notable exception, I have never experienced a reading that I was impressed with. In my opinion, most psychics are simply very adept at reading people, handing out "one size fits all" information, and then adjusting that info according to the participants' reaction. After all, who hasn't had a failed love affair, confusion about a career, or a desire for change? Yawn. I've seen the same tired old ploys, over and over, and while I can appreciate the idea of visiting a psychic for fun, I simply haven't seen anything that couldn't easily be explained away.

That was before I met my psychic friend. Her visions were so consistently spot-on that I was blown away, time and again. She truly has a gift, and I am so happy that she is beginning to share it with the world.

And I'm not getting anything out of posting this, as much as it seems that way. Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I simply enjoy sharing my special finds with the world. First it was my Breville juicer, then my favorite reflexology place, and now it's my psychic. What can I say? I'm a giver.

There were so many "Oh my God" moments throughout the course of the day that it's hard to pick which revelations were the most remarkable. I think my favorite was the following:

Flashback to my moving day, a month ago. As I was moving items, I noticed that I was dropping coins all over the stairs. Normally I would pick them up, but for some reason I felt like I shouldn't. Every day I would walk up or down the stairs, see those coins, and start to pick them up...but then decide not to. When my psychic friend came to visit, she also noticed the coins on the stairs and asked me about them. I explained that I had the feeling they belonged there, for some reason. She told me to leave them there, and that she felt the same way: they were there for a reason.

...And now back to yesterday. One of my friends, S, stopped by briefly, but had no intention of getting a reading. As she was leaving, my psychic friend started telling her that her grandfather was around her. She continued on: when he was alive, they had a private family joke involving coins, and he would give her these coins when she was younger. Now that he was gone, he was still leaving coins around for her in odd places to let her know he was around. "Did you notice the coins on the stairs?" the psychic asked. "That was him, again, wanting you to find them on the way in here."

We all had a collective awww moment, although I think that S was more than a bit freaked out by this. I, on the other hand, was relieved to know that was another reason why I had left those coins on the stairs for an entire month, other than laziness. Who knew that my unwillingness to bend over and pick something up had such a significant underlying meaning?