How Acupuncture Can Get You A Raise

I've often thought that companies should hire acupuncturists to give treatments over lunch breaks, to improve productivity. Don't you think that's a great idea? You could head back to work relaxed, energized, and ready to do...well, whatever it is that you do. If you are hitting a slump in your professional life, you might want to squeeze in a few acupuncture sessions to keep you on top of your game. Why? Here are just a few reasons:

  • If you want to perform well, you need to stay healthy. Sick days take away from time you could be spending sucking up to your boss. Regular acupuncture will keep your immunity up, and help you to avoid succumbing to all those viruses floating around the office.
  • If you are in a profession where you are dealing with people on a regular basis, you need to stay calm, relaxed, and focused. Acupuncture is an excellent way to get you to this place. Rage and tears won't get you very far at the office, and acupuncture will help you to stay even-keeled.
  • Working on a computer all day will ruin you if you let it. Carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched necks, tight traps, low back pain-you can prevent and resolve all of these issues with acupuncture.
  • Need a clear head? Acupuncture can help to center you and get your brain working again.
  • If you aren't sleeping, you aren't going to be as productive as you could be. Regular acupuncture will help you to sleep like a baby, and to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated...and ready to start your day.
  • Acupuncture will boost your energy, and power you through the infamous mid-day slump. Instead of zoning out, and struggling to keep your eyes open, you can get more done...which will make your boss love you...which will get you a raise...which will help you to afford getting acupuncture even more often!