Stirring My Cauldron-Part One

When I first started writing this blog, my intention was to bring acupuncture and Chinese medicine into a place where everyone could "get" it. I wanted to use terminology that anyone could understand and appreciate, to prove that this medicine is valid in every circle. It doesn't just work for those who believe in it. It isn't only an option for those who are into "alternative" medicine. It just works. Period. You can believe in anything you want to, including the power of science and technology...and still get a wonderful result from your acupuncture session. Since my initial intent was so focused on the idea of mainstreaming alternative medicine, I was once loathe to bring any aspects of energy work into the mix. In fact, I have written a few blogs distancing myself from these types of healers. Not that I don't respect what these people do, but I wanted readers to know that a trip to the acupuncturist didn't necessarily have to be a journey into a bizarre, unfamiliar world. I am a regular person, and a visit to my office wouldn't tend to freak anyone out, on any level. My office is warm and comforting and welcoming, and I try to be as well.

Now that I have been writing this blog for a while, I have to say that things have really changed for me over the course of this year. I have come into contact with the inexplicable, over and over. I have seen and experienced things that I can't explain, and I must say that my life has become infinitely more interesting since I have taken this journey into the world of acupuncture (and that is saying something, because it certainly wasn't boring before.)

I'm still the same person. I still hold a certain amount of skepticism about new things that haven't yet been proven. I don't talk about the energetic exchange between patient and healer, unless my patients want to discuss it. I still get this question, all the time: "Can you treat yourself?" And I always explain that, yes, I can give myself a treatment if I need it, but it lacks that special spark that comes from the energetic exchange between the patient and the practitioner. With this answer, the patient always shakes his or her head in understanding. Whether they are really into energy work, or have no interest at all, they still get that there is more to the treatment than just the needles. They get this, because they've experienced it themselves.

At this point, I have become very aware of myself as someone who deals with energy on a daily basis. And as such a person, there are certain things that I have learned to do that make my life a hell of a lot easier and happier. Whatever you happen to believe in, you know that your day-to-day interactions with the world are a constant exchange of energy. Sometimes this can you leave you drained; other times, you may end your day completely invigorated. Knowing this, it is very important to do what you can to keep you feeling your best. And tomorrow, I will explain some things that you can do yourself, without coming in to get rebalanced by me (although, you really should want to!)