The majority of patients that I see have no idea how acupuncture works, so it makes sense that they would make certain assumptions. I can't tell you how many times I have had patients complain of an issue in a delicate area and then quickly follow up with, "So does this mean you're going to stick a my blank?" No, I am not going to stick a needle in your urethra, or your eye, or your nipple. I can quite effectively treat most problems by placing my needles in places far removed from the problem area. In fact, most of the points I use are distally located from the problem at hand. I will sometimes needle the abdomen for stomach issues, or the back for low back pain...but mostly I find distal needling to be more effective. If you come in with eye pain, expect a few needles in your feet and legs. Shoulder pain? I'll likely be needling your hand and lower leg.

Most women suffer from breast issues as some point in their lives. Whether it is pain, an infection, or a problem with milk production, acupuncture can help. However, before I can treat you, I need to know what's going on. So many women are loathe to discuss their breasts, because they fear nipply needling. Let me reassure you, I can take care of your breasts without going anywhere near them with a needle. In Chinese medicine, the Liver energy is prone to stagnation (getting stuck, in other words.) When this happens, you may see symptoms that are typical of PMS: irritability, headaches, cramping, and breast tenderness or pain. Move the qi, and the breasts will be happy. Incidentally, I most often use a point on the foot to treat this. No needles in the nips, I promise.

Another problem that women hesitate to mention is reduced milk production after pregnancy. Oh, they may mention it as an afterthought, but I hardly ever have patients call for resolution of this particular problem. Why? Because they simply don't think of it. Most women have no idea that acupuncture can increase milk production and ease painful breasts. Well, now you know. So spread the word: even boobies can benefit from acupuncture!