It's All You

Since I have been working with hypnotherapy, the same thing has been happening, consistently, over and over. I see a patient, hypnotize them for weight loss/smoking/whatever, and the next week we have this conversation: Me: "So how have you been doing this week?"

Patient: "Well, my cravings seem to have disappeared, and I lost a few pounds. I've been going to the gym more. Overall, things have been going really well. But..."

Me: "Yes?"

Patient: "But I can't tell if this is because of you, or if I'm doing it myself. I mean, things are changing...but how do I know if it is because you hypnotized me? How do I know it's not just all me, doing it?"

Me: "Oh, I can promise is all you."

The thing about hypnosis is this: we've all been conditioned to think that hypnotists have some sort of mind-control that allows them to input things into their willing victims. This couldn't be further from the truth. Hypnosis won't work unless the patient allows it to. If they want change, they will willingly accept a new set of habits that will benefit them. If they don't really want change...well, they are wasting their time and money. If I talk to a patient who isn't ready for change, I won't even treat them. Again, here it is: the power of the mind. You can change anything you want to. I can facilitate this process, but really, it is all you. We hypnotize ourselves every day, and this process can lead to a beneficial or a negative effect. Every time you say a prayer, you are in a mild state of hypnosis. You are slipping into an altered state of consciousness and using a habit to stimulate a positive effect. Then again, every time you fixate on a negative situation, and can't get it out of your are also engaging in a more negative, destructive form of hypnosis. Aside from potentially manifesting an even ickier situation, you are also enabling the situation to have a greater hold over you.

Now that you know what you are capable of, use your powers wisely!