Fifty Shades Of "Eh"

Like digestion, sleep, and periods, the libido can be a telling factor when it comes to imbalance in the system. Unfortunately, this particular area seems difficult to gauge for most people, particularly for women. Unless someone has an insanely high sex drive, most women's descriptions of their sex drive seem to fall within the range of "eh" to low. I blame this on two factors: the adrenal exhaustion that most of us suffer from due to stress and overwork...and that damned "Fifty Shades of Grey." Here's the thing: everyone's libido varies so much, and so much depends on external factors. A crazy schedule, an annoying partner, post-dinner bloat...all of these things can temporarily dampen desire. Sex drive depends on a delicate balance of many things, and even a healthy libido can suffer during times of stress. This is normal. What isn't normal? Having 27 orgasms a day, a week after meeting someone. Thanks a lot, E.L. James. You've just set up an entire generation of women for failure.

And here is another thing: if you've read the book and weren't turned on by's not you, it's the book. This book sucks. It's poorly written, the characters are unlikable and unrealistic, and it's painfully repetitive. For women, the sex drive starts with the brain. If you want to turn us on, stop feeding us this Godawful tripe. It's insulting.

If I seem annoyed, it's because I am. I can't tell you how many women I know have been lamenting their low sex drive simply because they couldn't get into this book. If you couldn't get turned on by this, it's probably because you have an IQ over 90. You don't have a hormonal imbalance, and you're not a prude. You're just a normal, healthy woman who likes her porn with a side of intelligence.