Doing It To Yourself

We really don't give ourselves enough credit when it comes to our capabilities. So much of what goes on in our bodies is within our control. Not everything, no...but so much more than we think. Our power to shape the bodies we reside in is a double-edged sword. How many times have you heard someone groaning, "I have a bad stomach," after ingesting a meal of hot dogs and beer? Your stomach isn't bad, your decision was. Yes, perhaps that person is more sensitive to certain foods than other people, but the more you tell yourself that you have a weak spot, the more that weakness thrives within you. Truly believe that you have a "bad" stomach, or a weak immune system...and, well, that idea will soon firmly embed itself within your psyche, creating a reality.

On the other hand, think of how often we talk ourselves out of illness. When I was 21, I would never even think of staying in on a Friday night, deathly sick or not. I remember a few times back in my bar-hopping days when I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a truck. As sick as I was, my best friend would just laugh if I made any attempt to stay home in bed. Coughing, aching, and miserable, my protests would be met with these pearls of wisdom: "Alcohol will kill all the germs. You'll be fine." And with that, I would force myself out of bed and get dressed to go out. While I probably infected half the bar with whatever virus I was carrying, I always ended up feeling great at the end of the night. Yes, those tequila shots may have played a part in decongesting me, but I now know that my state of mind played an even larger role. I willed myself to feel better, and so I did.

Now that I have been using hypnotherapy in my practice, I have so much appreciation for the power of the mind. I see people making huge changes, every day, and I'm thrilled to play a small role in their success. Lately I have been focusing on using hypnosis to facilitate physical healing, and it has opened a whole new realm of possibilities for my patients. I am ecstatic about this.

If I can give one lesson today, let it be this: you are more powerful than you believe, so use these powers wisely. If you fixate on what you fear may happen, you are using your powers of visualization to create this reality. When it comes to health, visualize yourself as a healthy person. Don't engage in self-defeating behaviors such as labeling yourself as "sick," "weak", or "unhealthy." Say this to yourself long enough, and you will be all of the above.