Losing (Or Gaining) It

I am in a field where I tend to see people being very honest about how they feel about themselves. Patients are aware that my intentions for them are pure, and that the questions I ask all have a greater purpose. I think that they also know that my office is one of those rare, special places where judgment is not allowed to exist. People can tell me anything without fear of horrifying, disgusting, infuriating, or shocking me. What happens at Healing Point Therapeutics, stays in Healing Point Therapeutics. Since I am subjected to so much honesty in this office, I hear a lot about body image. I find it sad that so many are seeking some ideal, magical weight that will make them "perfect." Now, I know this subject has been covered time and again in various women's magazines, and isn't anything new. But to see so many people who are healthy, and active, striving toward a goal that may never come....well, it's kind of disturbing. And I'm not just talking about people who want to lose weight. I see just as many men and women who are on the thin side lamenting their inability to gain weight. It seems that no one is ever satisfied. I can't tell you how many times I have heard thin, shapely patients tell me that they want to either gain or lose 2 lbs. Why? What does two pounds even look like?

I'm not raging against adjusting your weight if you are not happy. Whether you feel too thin or too fat, if you want to make healthy choices to change that, I'm all for it. In fact, I can help you on your way. What bothers me is that people have this set number in their mind that equals happiness and contentment. If you aren't happy with your life at 152 pounds, what great event will take place the moment your scale hits 150 that will change all that?

I've noticed that the number on the scale that we strive for always ends with a five or a zero. Go ahead, ask a few people what they wish their ideal weight is. I guarantee you, the answer will always be a number like 120, or 135. You will never hear someone wish to weigh 127. It's as if being at that neat, even number gives you some sort of control over your body. And maybe it does. You can't decide whether you end up with cancer; you can't stop the aging process; you can't pick the day that you leave this world. But if you work hard enough, you can see that scale move down from 141 to 140. And then you know...you are the one in control, after all. Screw you, fate!

Seriously, though...if you are trying to create positive changes in your life through weight loss, good for you. But never lose sight of this: enjoy yourself and who you are at every weight. Don't wait until you reach that perfect weight to start caring about yourself. You matter at every size, so don't waste good years of your life waiting for a seemingly perfect number to help you realize this!