Moving On Up

The title of today's blog was inspired by Sherman Hemsley, otherwise known as "George Jefferson". R.I.P. George...hope you are enjoying that deluxe apartment in the sky! Forgive my lame humor today; I'm a bit punchy from lack of sleep and overdosing on coffee.

And speaking of apartments in the sky, I spent this week moving from one third-floor another third-floor apartment. Although I am excited about my new place, the move itself was a wretched experience. It was exhausting, disorganized, and frustrating. I'm still recovering from the stress of it all, and can't wait to have my beloved acupuncturist set me right again!

Moving really does consume your entire life. There is just something about seeing your whole existence packed up into boxes, that makes you realize how much we hold onto, without even realizing it. While I was rummaging through piles of old papers and photos, I felt like I was on some sort of archaeological dig into layers of my life, from present to past. I've always considered myself a minimalist when it comes to possessions; I'm not one to keep things around to clutter the atmosphere. Even so, by the time I was done, I could not believe how much stuff I had accumulated without meaning to.

And then, after the packing comes that horrible week (or month) when you have nothing in its place yet. That time period where you are constantly running out to buy underwear and shampoo and spoons, since you have no idea where the hell anything is yet. You don't realize how much your surroundings define the course of your life until you are adrift in a sea of boxes. Losing that sense of place puts your whole life on hold.

But it also gives you a new appreciation for what you do have, simple as it may be. Last night, just finding my sheets brought me to a happier place. It doesn't seem like such a big deal, sleeping on a bare mattress. But sleeping on sheets made it feel like home. Tonight I will have a glass of wine, and it won't be in a Dixie Cup. Bliss. And at some point, I'll actually be able to shave my legs again! I can't wait.